In December, I gained access to the bids on Celsius Network's assets. Binance, Galaxy Digital, Bank to the future, Cumberland DRW & Novawulf placed bids…
I received a file containing Alex Mashinsky's Celsius Network transaction history dating back to 2018. This extends far beyond the 1 year span disclosed…
Providing context, hard evidence, & hopefully dispelling a few rumors about my relationship to SBF.
Addressing our in-person meeting on December 27, 2022.
Inside the White House Christmas PartyWatch now (2 min) | Just some cute footage from the White House Christmas party.
I received a file containing Nuke Goldstein's Celsius Network transaction history dating back to 2018. Previously, I shared Alex Mashinsky’s transaction…
No, I'm not a "FED," but I guess that's what a FED would say. Explaining how I met President Biden.
SBF on the alleged “backdoor” allowing him to execute commands that could alter the company’s financial records without alerting others.
SBF on the exploit draining over $400M from FTX.
SBF on his cryptic 1) What Twitter thread & deleted tweets.
Alex Mashinsky's wallet addresses based on his transaction history file dating back to 2018. I received this file from a Celsius Network employee.
Sharing leaked audio I received from a Celsius Network employee explaining plans to create wrapped IOU tokens.