SBF Interview: Sam Bankman-Fried claims Caroline Ellison & Gary Wang are lying: 'she perjured herself.' [AUDIO]


In an excerpt from one of my house arrest interviews with Sam Bankman-Fried, he pretty much shit-talks Caroline Ellison & Gary Wang for over 10 minutes, insisting they lied to prosecutors.

A few highlights from this interview:

  • SBF casts blame on Caroline Ellison: “she fucked it up and she knew that” & "she has perjured herself [...] in what she's confessed to."

  • Apparently, Caroline “never wanted to be CEO of Alameda” and "after the shit show started, the word [Caroline] used to describe to [Sam] how she was feeling was 'relieved.'" Sam added, “if she had to compare how happy she'd be in prison to how happy she was running Alameda, I’m not sure which she'd be happier doing.”

  • Both Gary Wang & Caroline Ellison have testified that their ~criming~ was committed 'under the direction' of Sam Bankman-Fried. Sam responds,"Yeah, ignore the word 'directed' [...] that's a lie most of the times it's been said [...] that's a word the government uses" and later claims that Gary Wang's allocution "was written by the government to a decent extent."

  • Sam says he "should have just shut down Alameda a year ago rather than leaving it to other people to run."

  • Also, a couple fun details on Caroline Ellison! e.g. Sam claims she “was very religious for most of her life. And, like, the favorite part of the week for her until she was twenty-something, was Catholic Church each Sunday, which is not what one would guess […] She also went through a very long phase in which she was very into traditional gender roles.”

I’m in NYC covering Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal trial in-person! Last week, both Gary Wang & Caroline Ellison testified against Sam in court and their testimonies were damning. In my opinion, Sam’s lawyers fumbled the cross examinations which were overall, underwhelming. I’ve posted a few videos on YouTube covering the trial.

Anyway, I’m heading back to court tomorrow & will continue to share SBF trial updates here & on social media:


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